Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Days off are annoying...

So I have a lot to do today, or a lot I plan to do today. I don't think very much of it is going to get done. I wanna clean my room but I can't do it until Bob gets out of bed. That may not be til 2. Its now 12:22.

I have clothes to wash, dishes to clean. I need to clean the bathrooms. Maybe I'll do that first...

Hopefully its just not a waste of my day off because I like to get some stuff done. Something. But I usually end up vegging out or getting sick or going out somewhere.

Also, I have really bad Psoriasis on my legs and have been using a ointment that is new to me anyway. It is working like a charm. It looks like its almost gone and I have only been using it for like a week. Best KIND!

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